Our Principal


Dr. M Leenus J Martin

HOD of Automobile Engineering & Team Principal of Infieon Supermileage

Education: Ph.D, SRM University, M.E (IC Engines), Anna University B.Tech (Automobile Engineering), Anna University B.Sc (Physics), Madurai Kamaraj University
Areas of Expertise: Bio Fuels and Alternate Energy,Theory of Automotive Engines, Automotive Electronics and Internal Combustion Engines.



Team Faculty Advisor

Education: Government College of Engineering, Anna University- M.E (Thermal Engineering) , Sri Ram Engineering College, Veppampattu, Chennai - B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
Areas of Expertise:Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat and Mass transfer.

Core Team

Fateh Salim


Hailing from the Nilgiris, I am an enthusiast of wheels and steerings. Gentle and courteous, yet strong in thoughts and beliefs. Music lover whose ardent companions are the woods and hills.

Rishab Vudathu


Workohlic, Enthusiastic person who is pursuing his Mechanical Engineering at SRM.

Akhil Jain

Powertrain Head

Kartik Sharma

Powertrain Head

Ajitesh Gautam

Manufacturing Head

Driven by love for cars, a professional tennis player , globetrotter and photographer. High on these trades and following them in the same order.

Muzammil Ayaz

Electrical Head


Atmodeep Sen

Powertrain Member

A vehemently passionate powertrain engineer, started taking interest in automobiles back in 8th grade, putting in all weird futuristic ideas into paper and sketching them. Currently brainstorming in intake systems , drivetrain and transmission. It has been a genuine bliss being the part of this team, it's a part of me which I made me who I am today.

Arjun katyal

Powertrain Member

Have been accased of being efficient to a fault on the job, do it right the first time as I have no time for a do over.Fastidious in performong any task and a jack of all trades. I fear not tackling any problem and attempting to solve it using common sense, laws of physics and previous experience.

Saumya Chaturvedi

Powertrain Member

Experienced Lead with a demonstrated history of working with the automotive industry. Car enthusiast, who loves to have hands on the exotic choices of wheels. Besides that loves singing, sketching and playing with the key frames.

Aswin Sharavanen

Powertrain Member

Vaidehi Vashistha

Powertrain Member

Anant Sahai

VD & Design

Motorsports enthusiast who loves the sport of Formula one. I'm passionate about automobiles, airplanes and aerodynamics. Love to play football and travel the world.

G Varun Ram

VD & Design

An engineering enthusiast trying to strike a balance between two oxymorons viz., sustainability and transportation.

Rudraksh Sharma

VD & Design

My imagination has always engaged me with the suttle beauty of science and so questioning the basic principles involved behind them. Since childhood i am interested in cricket and cars, the former reliefs me from everything and the latter engages me with itself, you will surely find a perfect balance of this two in me. My personality enriches itself in critical situations where my mind gets stable and my thoughts gets concentrated and the result is my work.

C Srikrishna

VD & Design

Nileshsingh Rao

VD & Design

Science has always enthralled me and my curiosity, i believe that the ability to innovate and discover is what has propelled my knowledge, rather than jumping to conclusions i prefer digging deeper into the concepts always apprehending the answers of questions like what/why/How? I also invest a significant amount of time in writing which nurtured my personality as a whole. Poetry has enriched me with the abilities of a good listener and a constant discoverer.

Harditya Jhala

VD & Design

I am an automobile enthusiast, who loves exploring the field of vehicle dynamics. I have always been inclined towards sports such as football , swimming and Formula-1.My inquisitive personality draws me towards traveling and humour .

Jennifer Philip

VD & Design

Gareema Waraich

Electrical Member

A curious person by nature,I found my passion by applying electronics in the field of automobile.Basketball and football have always been stress busters for me.Infieon has helped me grow tremendously as a person by teaching me how to balance work and play.

Atharv Chaudhari

Electrical Member

Amit Alexander