Our Principal


Dr. M Leenus J Martin

HOD of Automobile Engineering & Team Principal of Infieon Supermileage

Education: Ph.D, SRM University, M.E (IC Engines), Anna University B.Tech (Automobile Engineering), Anna University B.Sc (Physics), Madurai Kamaraj University
Areas of Expertise: Bio Fuels and Alternate Energy,Theory of Automotive Engines, Automotive Electronics and Internal Combustion Engines.


P. Parthiban

Team Faculty Advisor

Education: Birmingham City University , United Kingdom - M.S (Automobile Engineering) , Anna University B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
Areas of Expertise: Vehicle Dynamics, Automotive Transmission, Theory of Automotive Engines, Automotive Internal Combustion Engines.

Core Team

R. Shreyas


Automobile and driving enthusiast who loves playing cricket and listening to music.

Palash Kanhai


Well acknowledged with CAE Tools for designing process of products and knows fabrication techniques. Passionate about Motorsports, Aerodynamic approach, and Weapon Technology and also Team Memelord.

A Rohit


Passionate about Automobile, Motorsports and Engines. Cannot live without internal combustion engine. Don't know how he will survive after the 2040 ban. Trying to think of a design to make IC engines much more efficient and less polluting.

Saransh Gangele


Connecting wires and components is my job in here. I love listening to music while travelling, making unplanned trips with my friends and watching TV series.


Shreyansh Gharde

Design and Fabrication Engineer

Joined the team in my first year as a fabrication engineer, but now handle the design, chassis and fabrication domains of the team.

Vishal Jaiprakash Nair

Powertrain Engineer

I am a Malayali living in Gujarat. Loves cricket and Malayalam movies. My inspiration is my parents and M S Dhoni. I am patient and shy.

Irfan Kasam

Powertrain Engineer

An ordinary person with extra ordinary dream trying to develop his dream car which will be having the most fuel-efficient power train for achieving podium position in Shell Eco-marathon.

Khaja Nabeeluddin

Design and composites engineer

Hailing from the city of nizams, I am a big foodie and a cricket addict. Aspiring to build the most fuel efficient vehicle and winning the shell eco marathon.

Shreshth Pratap Singh

Powertrain Engineer

Car enthusiast who lives to modify and tinker round with engines. A firm believer of team spirit and hardwork. Music lover and a 5 year trained singer.

Ananya Mishra

Powertrain Engineer

Science enthusiast interested in planes and trains. Love to fly and cricket is life.

Sharad Bhowmick

Electrical Enginneer

I cherish a cup of coffee while listening to quality music. I love trying new delicacies and love riding my 350cc gasoline drinking thunderbird, which is another reason for me to kick in the goal of Infieon Supermileage.

Navneet Kumar

Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

Loves to watch anime and can talk about physics of the car all day long.

Rohan Kodak

Vehicle dynamics engineer

loves to travel and have a keen interest in building cars for the future.

Rishab Vudathu

Design Engineer

Workahlic, Enthusiastic person who is pursuing his Mechanical Engineering at SRM

Shrey Trehan

Corporate Head

Avid reader, a great listener and love food. Driven by passion to innovate and create something big to serve the future.

Ananda Sarkar

Electrical engineer

Aspiring engineer from delhi, working to achieve excellence in the field of automotive vehicles.

Nirbhay Thakkar

Electrical Engineer

Has great affinity towards electronics and high enthusiasm for all electrical related work.

Yash Goel

Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

Passionate about Bollywood movies and food, want to push myself to the limits and always geared up for taking any challenge head on

Ajitesh Gautam

Powertrain Engineer

Driven by love for cars, a professional tennis player , globetrotter and photographer. High on these trades and following them in the same order

Fateh Salim

Design Engineer

Hailing from the Nilgiris, I am an enthusiast of wheels and steerings. Gentle and courteous, yet strong in thoughts and beliefs. Music lover whose ardent companions are the woods and hills

Ashish Yadav

Powertrain engineer

Akhil Jain

Powertrain Engineer

Lokesh Lohia

Powertrain Engineer

I Am a boy born and brought up in Chennai passionate only about Cricket and cars. One thing which connects them is economy which pulled my interest in making the world's most fuel efficient car by being a part of this team.