Who are we

Infieon Supermileage is the official team of SRMIST, participating in the Shell Eco marathon Asia and India events. The team has paved its way from hardships to being ranked second by achieving a mileage of 148.2 kmpl and the title of the communications award in the Shell Eco marathon India 2019.

The team is gearing up for the 2021 challenge and will be participating in the Prototype - Gasoline category. The team also plans to spread the message of 'Fuel and Energy Conservation' through its various campaigns around the country. The team believes in continuously learning and with the motto being "Journey is the Destination!"

Our History

From our voyage to a foreign country in 2013 to achieving the second position in Shell Eco marathon India 2018 and maintaining it since then, we have had quite a journey. As a retrospect, the idea of foundation of the team Infieon Supermileage came from a group of seven enthusiasts namely Sandeep Ganesh, Vivek Srinivas, Ajith V, Sayan Malakar, Shashank Rai, Saurabh Srivastava and Rishabh Jain. The team was founded in 2012 when our seniors came across an event known as Shell Eco-marathon Asia. Over the years the team has designed, fabricated and tested ultra-fuel efficient prototype vehicles for participating in Shell Eco-marathon Asia and India. The team has moved forward with greater technological advancements and achievements. Although we came across many hardships in our journey, we overcame those with our determination and will power. Since the inception, we have built 7 energy-efficient vehicle and are currently working on our 8th venture. We are looking forward to new challenges and working effectively for the same.

Team Achievements

1. Successfully built the AEON 1.0 and participated in Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2014 at Manila, Philippines clearing the Technical & Safety Inspection, achieving mileage of 100 Km/L.

2. Successfully built the AEON 2.0 for Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2015, achieving mileage of 200 Km/L.

3. Successfully built the INFINITY and participated in Shell Eco-marathon 2016 at Manila, Philippines clearing the Technical & Safety Inspection, achieving mileage of 300 Km/L.

4. Successfully built the INFINITY 2.0 for Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2017, expecting a mileage figure close to 350kmpl.