About Us

Infieon Supermileage is the official team of SRM University participating in the Shell Eco-Marathon.

The team comprises of students from different engineering domains who have come together to build highly fuel efficient vehicles. The team is gearing up for the 2017 challenge and will be participating in the Prototype - Gasoline category.

At Infieon Supermileage, we attempt to ensure a sustainable future for the upcoming generations, by extracting the maximum possible mileage from a litre of gasoline. Since its inception in mid-2012, the team’s focus has been the Prototype category of the event.

Roughly ten undergraduate students from the Automobile, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering make up our team. In a world were global oil reserves are fast depleting, we break the conventions of automotive technologies to shape a vehicle that caters to the global every requirements of the future. Infieon Supermileage is a unifying project that offers its members the platform to put into practice the knowledge acquired throughout their studies.

The event at Manila, Philippines being the first chapter in the Infieonean story, the team is participating in the Prototype category of the competition. The team intends to take up the challenge of the UrbanConcept category as well in the near future.

Moreover, the team has a strong intent to make a mark in the field of alternative fuel propulsion technology for a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

The team also plans to spread the message of 'Fuel and Energy Conservation' through its various campaigns around the country.

The team believes in continuously learning and of course, just as its motto goes for the 2016-17 season.

"Journey is the Destination!"