Team 2015 - 2016

Dr. M Leenus J Martin
Head of the Department, Automobile Engineering

Education: Ph.D, SRM University, M.E (IC Engines), Anna University B.Tech (Automobile Engineering), Anna University B.Sc (Physics), Madurai Kamaraj University

Areas of Expertise: Bio Fuels and Alternate Energy,Theory of Automotive Engines, Automotive Electronics and Internal Combustion Engines.

Background: Dr M Leenus J Martin has been teaching and conducting research at the university for 27 years. Apart from contributing to various journals and publications, he has visited numerous countries and also undergone training at MIT, Boston, USA. He has been advising students in Baja, Formula SAE and Hybrid Electric Vehicle competitions since 2008.


Sanjay Girish

Team Manager

Ph.No : +91-9495937948 | Email Id:: | Major : Mechanical Engineering | Role in the Team: Engine and Transmission, Documentation | Hobbies: Photography and listening to music


Apurva Chakraborty

Ph.No : +91-9884678083
Email Id : apurva.infieonsupermileage
Major: Automobile Engineering
Role in the Team: Vehicle dynamics engineering
Hobbies: Driving, Mountain Biking, Reading, Composing Music

Akshay Gugnani

Ph.No : +91-992644521
Email Id : akshay.infieonsuper
Major: Computer Science Engineering
Role in the Team: Member of the Sponsorship team
Hobbies: Travelling,Watching documentaries, Reading novels

Ayush Kandhway

Ph.No : +91-9940195249
Email Id : ayush.infieonsupermileage
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Role in the Team: Design, Procurement of Materials, Fabrication
Hobbies: Table Tennis, Watching Documentaries and Bicycling

Abhimanyu Sharorty

Ph.No : +91-9962643708
Email Id : abhimanyu.infieonsuper
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Role in the Team: Design and Fabrication
Hobbies: Music, Watching Documentaries and Computer Gaming

Harman Singh Raina

Ph.No : +91- 918056292683
Email Id : harman.infieon
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Role in the Team: Fabrication
Hobbies: Collecting coins, Gardening

Sanchit Vijh

Ph.No : +91-9962639523
Email Id :
Major: Automotive Engineering
Role in the Team: Powertrain Engineer
Hobbies: Driving, F1 Enthusiast, Reading Automotive magazines

VS Shiv Ram

Ph.No : +91-9940486791
Email Id :
Major: Electrical Engineering
Role in the Team: Handling Electrical and Electronics
Hobbies: Music, Watching TV, Dancing