Pledge to Change !

With years of reckless use of global energy resources has made the earth deplete of its natural resources, with our current automobiles looking at a perilous future with nothing to thrive on. Yes, we have all heard that before but are we really doing something substantial to cope up with such a grave loss?

Team Infieon Superlileage has taken up this challenge to design vehicles that are extremely fuel efficient. By extracting the maximum possible efficiency from a liter of gasoline, we strive to ensure a sustainable future. Team Infieon as part of its social responsibility aims at connecting with a large population in order to educate them about green and clean driving. Infieon primarily aims at spreading the message of fuel efficiency far and wide through campaigns on fuel consumption, green driving and the depletion of current resources, through educative and informative seminars, collaboration with NGOs that share the same vision and propagation through every possible form of media.


The Timeline

  • Start of the Campaign - 5th June,2014.
  • 'Pledge to Change' - Campaign 1 |5th June, 2014| At Government Higher Secondary School - Baramulla, State of Jammu and Kashmir,India. The session was attended by more than 500 students and around 30 staff members from the school. The event was also a part of the World Environment Day celebrations.
  • 'Pledge to Change' - Campaign 2 |5th June, 2014| At BesTech Central Square Mall, Sector 57 - Gurgaon. The youth and the experienced, came together to support our campaign. Session had participation from 200 people from all walks of life.
  • 'Pledge to Change' - Campaign 3 |19th June, 2014| At Rajendra Vidyalaya - Jamshedpur, Jharkhand,India. Most of the event attendees were grade 10 students but we feel that when we convey the important message about the role the Shell Eco Marathon plays in energy conservation at a young age, the foundation stone is laid to nurture the minds of budding enthusiasts who will redefine the world for a better tomorrow. The event had participation from around 150 people , comprising of students, teachers and administrative staffs.
  • 'Pledge to Change' - Campaign 4 |23rd June, 2014| At New Era Senior Secondary School - Vadodra, Gujrat, India. The event had participation from around 100 people , comprising of students, teachers and administrative staffs. We are grateful for the kind cooperation of the school Principal Mrs. P. S. Kelkar without whose generosity this event wouldn't have been possible.
  • 'Pledge to Change' - Campaign 5| 26th June,2014|Infieon Supermileage decided to beat the heat this summer by passing on the message of energy conservation and Shell Eco Marathon at Beach Road of Vishakhapatnam around 5:30 pm on 26th June,2014.
  • 'Pledge to Change' - Campaign 6| 27th June,2014| Infieon Supermileage reaches St. Joseph's school, Shaktinagar. The school principal father Walter D Silva and vice-principal Mr. S Wilson appreciated Infieon's efforts to build a highly fuel efficient vehicle. All the 200 students present were highly enthralled by Infieon's efforts towards building an engineering marvel for Shell Eco Marathon, Manila'15.
  • On 13th July,2014 Infieon Supermileage conducted a 'Photography contest' where people were asked to write down a simple pledge on a piece of paper and get clicked with it. They were asked to send a short bio about themselves along with the photograph. The competition saw enthusiastic participation from across the country.
  • 'Pledge to change' - Campaign 7| 15th August,2014| Infieon Supermileage, conducted an awareness campaign on the occasion of the 66th Indian independence Day by travelling to Phoenix Marketcity, Chennai - an upscale Mall attracting a huge foot-fall everyday. The team members interacted with people and talked about how Shell Eco Marathon plays a role in the conservation of energy resources and the fact that on Independence Day, it becomes important to talk about this aspect of our society as well, among other issues of national and international importance. The link to the video can be accessed by clicking here. On 21st September,2014 Infieon Supermileage started an essay writing competition about the Role of Energy efficient Vehicles in the future and how Shell Eco Marathon plays an important role in this process. The event was open to a global audience and received a wonderful response, as people of all age groups enthusiastically participated in it. Click here to view the complete details of the competition.